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Semi Trailers

We service Australia wide and with an expansive fleet.

Horne Enterprises equipment includes, Tautliners, Open Flat and Step Deck Trailers, Heavy Floats & Extendable trailers, our experienced team can help find a suitable solution for any Transport requirement.

With the Equipment to carry anything from Pallets and printers, to oversize & Overmass freight, Horne has you covered.


Not only do we offer crane hire services, but we also offer forklift solutions.

Our range of rough terrain and machinery Forklifts, from 1.5t- to 55-tonne capacity are available with Specialist operators for small, large or complex jobs.

Depending on your needs, we can also configure our forklifts with a range of accessories like jib lifting equipment, skates and towable steerable units. With Horne’s forklifts and specialist equipment, your machinery’s lifting and handling requirements will be handled with ease and efficiency.

Mitsubishi Forklift

7 Tonne capacity, container mast and jib attachment. Overall height of only 2050mm and 1200mm wide.

Yale Forklift

2.5 Tonne capacity triple stage container mast, slippers and hook. Overall height of only 2050mm and 1970mm wide.

Baoli Forklift

3.5 Tonne capacity triple stage container mast, slippers and hook. Height of only 2150mm high and 1250mm wide.

Maximal Forklift

2.5 Tonne Lifting capacity, triple stage container mast.

Maximal Forklift

3.5 Tonne lifting capacity, Triple stage container mast.

Maximal Forklift

10 Tonne carrying capacity, 2 stage mast.

Clarke Forklift

15T, 2 stage mast.

Donkey Forklift

15T, 2 stage mast. 1.5 tonne lifting capacity, all terrain forklift, single stage mast.

Container Sideloaders

A Sideloader offers a versatile and cost-effective way of loading, transporting and unloading containers and other cargo. We can safely handle shipping containers and other cargo from/to other trailers, trucks or trains, or directly on ground level, where they can safely and efficiently be packed or unpacked.

Mounted on a truck or trailer, we can operate our container sideloaders with minimal manpower and without any additional equipment, minimizing waiting time, planing and making it possible to deliver seamless, competitive service.

Steelbro Side Loader

40ft or 20ft container combinations
Lifting Capacity 26 tonne
Carrying Capacity 21 tonne

Container Side Loader

40ft or 20ft capabilities

Tailgate Trucks

Tailgate trucks are a rear access self-loading vehicle. With the lifting option of either a 2 or 2.5 tonne tailgate, these vehicles allow for the self-loading of pallets, machines on wheels and items accessible with a pallet jack by staff.

With 4 stage controls these gates can be altered to accommodate surfaces that may be on a slight incline/decline. This makes them ideal for loading docks, ground loading and a great alternative if forklifts aren’t available on site.

With its Pantech covering, items can be securely fastened to our carpet covered tie rails and against a solid wall to ensure greater protection and greater alternatives when it comes to strapping items.

The added extra all terrain “Donkey” forklift is available for use in conjunction with our tailgate trucks, providing another alternative when it comes to difficult access with delivery or collection of your items.

Sensitive Freight Movers:

Horne Enterprise premises:

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Need transport, relocation or storage Australia wide?

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Customer Testimonials

Based on 21 reviews
I called up and spoke to Dan to book a 16t forklift movement. I had fantastic service and no issues. Price was fair and I would recommend this company to everyone!
fert jurt
fert jurt
Very careful handling heavy machinery with delicacy, and efficiently.
Rene Verschuren
Rene Verschuren
Neil Ramsay
Neil Ramsay
Great trucks ,nice freindly staff
Aynur Wilson
Aynur Wilson
Professional and knowledgeable team that you can be certain they will get the job done
Chris Chafer
Chris Chafer
Peter and his team are the only people we trust to move machinery local and interstate. Nothing is too much trouble for them. I highly recommend them.
Will Stan
Will Stan
When the competition can't Cope, get a Horne.
John Bird
John Bird
Total Quality Company
Age Malins
Age Malins
David Fulton is one of the best friends ive ever had in my life plus the work these guys carry out is second to none
Super Monkey
Super Monkey
Great service and the Driver, (Darren If I remember correctly )was extremely friendly and professional. Highly recommended .